Bye Bye Bottle!

Trying to be plastic free in the shower is possible and I love it.


Shopping for hair products can be very discouraging. Plastic here, plastic there, plastic everywhere. At first I tried to find a place where I could re-fill my shampoo and conditioner bottles with no luck…


Then I stumbled upon these! Lush Shampoo Bars! I ordered mine online was pleasantly surprised with not only how much I loved the product but the naked packaging as well!


These shampoo bars lather up just like regular shampoo, they smell great, and my hair has never been softer.

lush shampoo

If you like to travel, these are easier to travel with than a typical shampoo bottle because it’s not liquid and you won’t run the risk of having security take it away.


Along with shampoo Lush also makes Solid conditioner which is a little bit more challenging to use and I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I’m sure I’ll get used to it in no time. How to use bar shampoo and conditioner.

My showers are now completely plastic free! I use bar soap along with my bar shampoo and conditioner leaving zero waste! I still have a long way to go to live an entirely plastic free life but I’m on my way, one step at a time.

“Recycling, packaging, businesses are changing all of those things because that’s what consumers want.” – Jerry Greenfield, Co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream


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