The Naked Truth about Laundry and Dishes

Let’s talk about jugs.

Jugs of laundry detergent. Huge, overpriced, plastic jugs full of chemicals. I used to use Tide, I thought it was a good option. Then I switched to Seventh Generation because it uses less plastic, it still has a plastic lid.


The struggle was discouraging, I couldn’t figure out just how to clean my clothes with a clean conscience (tips from Green Planet!) I thought about getting a bike washing machine, a foot pedal washing machine

Then I stumbled upon Dropps. A plastic free, naked shipping, harmful chemical free, animal cruelty free alternative that works!

Dropps are easy to use. Yes, you do have to subscribe online and have it shipped to you. Dropps isn’t sold in stores. But once you sign up, it will automatically appear at your door when you need more. It’s hassle free laundry (said no one ever)… but really it is.

Dropps’ commercial is hilarious and straight to the naked truth about laundry. Check it out.


Drying your clothes in a dryer? Don’t forget your balls.

I also purchased some wool balls to eliminate fabric softener waste, they work. I don’t have any complaints. My clothes are soft and static free. Thanks balls.

In addition to laundry, Dropps also has dishwasher pods!


Reduce your use of plastic and save the world!

Steps I’m still struggling with…

  • Reducing the amount of clothes I think I need (I’m such a sucker for new clothes)
  • Microplastics from my laundry (UGH)
  • Putting my laundry away once I’ve cleaned it using Dropps 😉

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”
– Native American Proverb

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