How to not step on others

I’ve been struggling with not stepping on others while I make my steps towards going green. Here are some tips on how to be better at treating others who might not share your desire to be environmentally responsible. This post is mostly a reminder for myself. I need to be better. This journey is exciting and obviously I want to share everything I’m doing!


Show don’t tell!
Lead by example. People catch on to the steps I’m taking, there is no need to be preachy. You know the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words” It’s nice to have a passive influence on others by allowing them to come to their own conclusions. No one really likes to be told what to do. Telling people what I’m doing and why is not the same as telling people what to do. And if someone asks, I get to share! There’s no “this is right and that is wrong”. This is tough but, don’t tell others what their doing wrong. Nobody likes a know-it-all nag. Be mindful 🙂

This isn’t their journey, it’s mine.
If I want others to embrace my steps. Make it easy for them, baby steps. Remember, they might not be on the same path as you and that’s okay. Rather than trying to drag others down my path, concentrate that energy on your own journey. We can only improve ourselves.

Be positive!
Share the good stuff! I have to keep my enthusiasm up and try to steer clear from focusing on sick mother earth. I don’t want to come off as hopeless.

Get support!
There are like-minded people who are on the same journey as me. Being able to share with them will takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders – which ultimately, will keeps me motivated to keep on going. Mrdeej brings out the best in me. We continually discuss ways we can improve our journey and remind one another to stick to the path.  

Change is slow
Good news! Time is on my side. Time for others to accept what I’m doing, and step in. Time for me to gain more skills and confidence. Time for me to figure out new steps, and make a path for others to follow. If they should feel so inclined.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
I can’t control the actions of others. Sometimes, I get really judgmental while I’m at the grocery store. I never say anything but I’m not going to lie, I want to. I need to pull an Elsa and let it go. If my friend uses a straw, I don’t freak out and tell them not to suck, it’s rude.

“The Earth is what we all have in common”

-Wendell Berry

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