Steps to Savor Food

Here are a few steps I take to eliminate food waste!

Step 1:
Don’t overbuy. Often, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We might THINK we need more than we can chew. It’ll save your wallet in the long run and you can skip feeling guilty about letting all that nice fruit go bad.

My shopping cart. Isn’t it beautiful? I enjoy eating an apple almost every day. Instead of buying 7 apples for 7 days I bought 4, knowing there would be a few days I wouldn’t be feeling it.

Step 2:
FREEZE! Just in case I over buy, I put things in my freezer the moment they start to look sad. Frozen fruits and veggies are great in smoothies.

Step 3:
Don’t let the bruise bother you. Sometimes I’m guilty of throwing away an entire apple or block of cheese because of a bruise or a speck of mold. It’s not bad, just slice off the icky part!

Step 4:
Meal Plan. It’s not the most fun, but this step helps when it comes to over buying (See step 1) I don’t have meal planning down to a specific science but I like to have a general road map for the week.

Step 5:
Leftovers! I dedicate certain days where I only eat what is already prepped. Sometimes that means I’m creating a new meal out of something I previously prepped. I recently discovered how AMAZING lentil tacos are because I had some lentils left over  that I didn’t know what to do with. I sprinkled some taco seasoning on them and the result was scrumptious. Sometimes this step is simply saving all the tasty bits from a meal and having it for lunch the next day.
Seriously, these tacos were the bomb. It was such a happy accident. Leftovers don’t have to be exactly what they were the first time around, I like to see what I can create out of what I already created.

Step 6:
Party. If I buy too much food that means I have to invite a few mouths over to eat it. This is my favorite step.
A brunch gathering with some lovelies.




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