Gush About Lush

I am going to gush about Lush . I like my skin to be soft but I refuse to buy lotion in a plastic bottle. There are litterless lotion options such as..

I am sure there are many more out there to explore. My personal favorite was in my most recent Lush purchase. I bought a variety of skin care products and I’m not disappointed with any of them so far.

First off, the packing… 10 things you should know about Lush packaging. They are trying to be waste free wherever possible.

This is how my box arrived…

The packing peanuts are made from plants, not Styrofoam and they completely dissolve in water. Watch here.

Let’s dig in..

I got Charity Pot Lotion, 100% of proceeds go to grassroots charities. Charisma, a skin tint because even though summer is ending I’m not ready to give up on a good summer glow. And a pumice bar for my feet. This bar smells AMAZINGLY lemony I could eat it #happyfeet




A lot of lush products are vegan and all of them are cruelty free.


Yes it’s plastic but it’s not a virgin.

Although some of Lush’s products come in a plastic container, the container itself is made from recycle plastic (someone has got to do something with all the plastic that’s been thrown out) and they are easy to wash and return for them to reuse. I just put them in my dishwasher. When you return five containers, you get a free face mask.

Thanks Jeffery!

I love that Lush products are handmade without a ton of harmful chemicals.

I saved the best for last… Meet Scrubee

Scrumbee is a body butter bar, no container necessary. I just rub this little bumble directly on my skin while in the shower. My skin is soft and smells like sweet flowers.  The “Plastic” wrap it comes in is plant based and also dissolves in water like the peanuts. Isn’t she cute?


“When you put the whole picture together, recycling is the right thing to do.”
– Pam Shoemaker





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