Waste Free Deodorant


Being waste free doesn’t have to stink! After several failed attempts, I found a deodorant I actually like… no I love it.


I tried to get on board with Lush’s deodorant but it didn’t work out. I tried to do the DIY thing and I found myself stinking before noon (please leave me any recipes you have tried that actually work). I have yet to try my rock salt deodorant but it looks really pretty on my counter. I plan to try this next, I just can’t wait to share what I’ve found so I’m not going to!


I was sick and tired of wasteful, plastic, full of chemical, deodorant options. Until I came across Meow Meow Tweet. A friendly, vegan, waste-free deodorant…. made with spirit! It doesn’t stink.


It’s packaged in cardboard or glass. I bought both. The only downside is the price, it’s more expensive than your typical drug store deodorant.

I ordered mine online, the packing is even waste-free! Those might look like packing peanuts but they aren’t. They dissolve in water. How nifty is that?


I’m saving the best news for last…. You don’t have to order it online because it’s available at TARGET. That’s right… TARGET!


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