Believe in Better

Proud teacher moment.

In the land of elementary school lunches in the not so distant past, there was a problem with a simple solution. The single-use plastic being supplied for every child on a daily basis was having a huge negative impact on the environment. Hundreds of a students using single use plastic. Every. Single. Day.

Until a small group of second graders sought out change. They believed in better and that they could be the change. The students wrote letters to the school’s lunch suppliers. These letters explained the negative impact of single-use plastic on our environment. They never received a letter back. They thought their efforts to better our school were being dismissed and they were disappointed.

Until one day this sign appeared in the school cafeteria.


It’s a small step. But the elementary schools in our district no longer supply straws. We still have a lot of steps to go but this happened because a few students believed in better.

Next, these students want to see their town ban plastics all together. They’ve written the mayor… the future doesn’t seem to grim with kids like these on the horizon.



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