Terra Cycle

Hard to Recycle Items?

Things just got interesting..

I haven’t tried this yet, I stumbled upon this site and it seems too good to be true! Terra Cycle  is an innovative recycling company that has become a global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.

Terra Cycle will take those hard to resist items and creatively recycle and resell items! Check out the list of items they accept and items sold in their shop made from recycled items.

$$ Zero Waste Box Programs $$

I have been avoiding most of those products, thinking they couldn’t be recycled. I will most likely continue to avoid these products… however it’s REALLY good to know that there IS A WAY to reuse and recycle these items if needed. Not ALL of these are free to recycle BUT there is a huge list of free ways to recycle.

FREE recycling list

And here I thought I couldn’t recycle things from Burts Bees or Tom’s. It’s nice to be wrong sometimes.
Thumbnail for Tom's of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program

DIY- for those of you who like to upcycle on your own

They offer a list of ways to reuse items on your own!
I am definitely making a multiplication bowling game for my classroom from old plastic bottles.

Related image

This is a good step guys!

The waste for me happens at work mostly. I can’t wait to use Terra Cycle in my workplace to help reduce the vast amount of waste being produced daily. I am going to purchase a couple of the zero waste boxes as well as browse the free list. I will definitely put a snack wrapper box out at work… (snack wrappers make my skin crawl).

Thumbnail for Candy and Snack Wrappers

Overall, I think this step is awesome. I still strongly believe in REDUCING first. I will continue to avoid products that produce waste, using Terra Cycle isn’t a free pass and wasteful products. It’s just a good alternative to throwing things away! I like knowing that if and when I do use a wasteful item, at least it can go somewhere besides a landfill for now.


“Think outside the trash, RECYCLE”


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